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Hello! My name is Missy LeKtro. Welcome to my personal website.

former home to the Kardiac Records Project. Please excuse the site as it is a work in progress. The site for the Kardiac Records Project (austinkrp.org) will be up soon. Until then, check out some of my dj mixes in the Downloads section. Thanks for visiting and enjoy! :-) ~Missy LeKtro


Kardiac Records Project

We are the Kardiac Records Project, a community group based out of Austin, TX. Our mission is a commitment to music, technology, and art education and appreciation in East Austin. We plan to implement our mission through multimedia events showcasing music, art, and technology. Not only will these events benefit the local community, they will further expose the project to potential donors. The Kardiac Records Project is fiscally-sponsored by the Austin Creative Alliance (a non-profit organization with 501(3)c tax-exempt status).

Created by DJ/producer Missy LeKtro and tHe OuTsideR (IT Director/Solutions Specialist) and based out of Austin, TX- a city notorious for its title as the global hub of live music- Kardiac Records is expanding its focus on music production to include more community-involved multimedia event production that will benefit local charities and non-profits while showcasing local artists, DJs, and musicians.

In addition, we utilize our technical and musical expertise to exploit
current and emerging trends in music, art, and technology, incorporating new media as well as new ways of using old technology in order to produce events that spawn creative innovation and social interaction.

If you would like to sponsor one of our events or are interested in being affliated with us, or if you are involved in a charity or a non-profit that would like to collaborate with our organization at one or more of our events, e-mail Marguerite at  austinkrp@gmail.com

Thanks for your continuing support!

-Missy LeKtro & tH3 OuTsiDeR  



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